A long overdue progress update

My adventures in getting the code to run on mono have led me to port the rendering portion of my code to OpenGL. Its been quite a journey from planning to use the c# console for output, to using XNA, to SDL.NET and now OpenGL alongside SDL.NET. The thought process was as follows.

Lets make a roguelike using ascii and focus on the actual game and not the graphics.

Damn. c# console support is lacking.

Lets use XNA!!! Wow this is really nice and easy. Lets try and deploy it so that people can play around.


Lets go mono!!! Cross-platform support sounds cool. SDL.NET looks nice. OK working nicely so far, but the rendering is a bit limited. (SDL.NET uses software rendering and I need alpha blending etc.)

Time for OpenGL. Rendering is looking better now and I’m happy with the output.

So that’s where I am now. Got everything working on OpenGL and I’m busy doing some cleanup and making a bit of a engine. Nothing too hectic, just the ability to customize key mappings, textures, and dungeon prefabs.

I hope to have something to show in the near future.