Let’s make a multiplayer game (part 1)

Last year I discovered the indie game called Terraria, which inspired me to try and make a multiplayer game. This proved to be a challenging undertaking due to various factors, with the foremost being the lack of information with regards to multiplayer game programming to be found on the internet.

The purpose of this article series is to document some of my experiences with the hope of it being useful to someone wanting to make a multiplayer game. I will be making use of XNA as rendering platform and the Lidgren networking library.

Please note: I am no XNA or networking expert. What I can promise is that by the end of the series I will have covered the basics and leave you with a working multiplayer game.

The game I am going to make (Asteroid Belt Assault) comes from the book XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example written by Kurt Jaegers. The emphasis will therefore not be on making a game but rather on making a game multiplayer.


3 thoughts on “Let’s make a multiplayer game (part 1)

  1. I just wanted to let you know I am finding this tutorial very helpful. Probably wont have much to show as for my own work for a while as I am busy with Uni honours project stuff at the moment. But I will let you know if I ever get anything up and running 🙂

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