Simple Game #2 – Iteration 1

My first idea was to make use of a cone field of view to simulate actor line of sight and orientation. This will probably be the best way to go ahead, but right now I’m not in the mood to research some new technology. I will make do with my current FOV implementation that does not take into account the orientation of the actor.

The quickest route to having something playable will be to reuse the code base from simple game #1 and to convert it to a real-time engine. My main reason for wanting to convert to real-time processing is that I want to make a multiplayer game in the future and I don’t see it working with a turn-based engine.

For real-time mode to work I plan to make use of mouse input to control the actor. The player will control his actor by clicking on the game map which will send the actor to the desired location. This behaviour can be implemented using the keyboard, but will require the player to hold down the directional keys to steer the actor.

I hope to have iteration 1 complete by the end of next weekend with the above functionality implemented. A static map with the player actor controller using mouse input in real-time.


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