Simple Game #2 – Iteration 1

My first idea was to make use of a cone field of view to simulate actor line of sight and orientation. This will probably be the best way to go ahead, but right now I’m not in the mood to research some new technology. I will make do with my current FOV implementation that does not take into account the orientation of the actor.

The quickest route to having something playable will be to reuse the code base from simple game #1 and to convert it to a real-time engine. My main reason for wanting to convert to real-time processing is that I want to make a multiplayer game in the future and I don’t see it working with a turn-based engine.

For real-time mode to work I plan to make use of mouse input to control the actor. The player will control his actor by clicking on the game map which will send the actor to the desired location. This behaviour can be implemented using the keyboard, but will require the player to hold down the directional keys to steer the actor.

I hope to have iteration 1 complete by the end of next weekend with the above functionality implemented. A static map with the player actor controller using mouse input in real-time.

Simple Game #2 – The beginning

For simple game #2 I want to explore some new techniques and technologies. My inspiration for this iteration is stealth game play found in games like Thief and System Shock. Obviously I’m not planning on doing anything as sophisticated as the aforementioned games, but would rather like to focus on the stealth elements.

A great gaming memory I would like to recreate is that feeling of being chased in a confined space. The bad guy is on your heels and you need to run for your life or die. If I think back to my childhood then it would be akin to the game of hide and seek (without the dying mind you :p)

To implement the above successfully I think a first person perspective would be ideal. First person really provides a great sense of immersion, especially when you can’t see the chaser (as he is behind you). Unfortunately I don’t have the appropriate technology available and think such an endeavour would be too great in scope.

In the spirit of keeping things simple I propose to make use of 2D graphics with the game play happening in real time. The player will control his avatar and interact with the game world using the mouse and primary interface. The premise for the game will be simple. You are a prisoner in a mental hospital (wrongly incarcerated – in your opinion) looking to escape. Your goal will be to avoid the doctors, nurses and guards while you try and make your way out of the hospital undetected.

The player will need to remain undetected by staying out of sight and keeping noise levels to a minimum. The enemies will each have a field of view indicator (cone shaped) and a hearing range indicator (circle) similar to the commandos series of games. Enemies will patrol the hospital following predetermined routes and schedules, I will see if I can make this procedural, but it might not be necessary.

For now I think this should be enough to make a game, but I might need to add additional elements if the above game play is too hard, or mundane.