A simple game

I have realised that the only way for me to actually make any real progress is to implement a very simple game. The aim of the game will be to kill all your opponents on a single map (probably a square room to start with).

I hope that by implementing this very limited scope I will be able to complete the following features:

  • Game loop
  • Speed system (variable speed actors)
  • Death (an actor dies, the effect on the game loop etc.)
  • Health
  • Damage
  • The end game (i.e. you have died or all your opponents are dead)

Attacking will be simplified by allowing actors to always hit an opponent when they attack. I’m thinking of having actors with different health and damage values. For example there would be a tank type with low damage but high health and a DPS type with high damage and low health. These two types would require different strategies to overcome.

Nothing too complicated. Lets hope I can implement it without too much interference from real life.


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