If you haven’t heard yet, the XNA 3 CTP was released a few days ago.

I care because, OpenGl is a pain to work with. Mainly due to my inexperience. Considering I’m trying to write a Roguelike (which traditionally uses ASCII), the effort to get OpenGl to render properly just seems to be a waste of time.

The final straw was when I discovered that my game doesn’t render properly, using OpenGl, on ATI Radeon and old NVidia cards. Is this what all game developers (and I use “game” loosely) have to go through?

The exciting thing about XNA 3 is the support for Visual Studio 2008. I dabbled with version 2 for a while, but the step back to .NET 2 is really painful if you’ve become used to the C# 3 language features.

Enough ranting, the point of the post is that I’m porting my rendering to XNA 3.


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